First Generation Computer (1940 -1956)

First Generation

  • The period of first generation was(1940-1956)
  •  First generation of computer started with using vacuum tubes as the basic components for memory and circuitry for CPU(Central Processing Unit). These tubes like electric bulbs produced a lot of heat and were prone to frequent fusing of the installations, therefore, were very expensive and could be afforded only by very large organisations.
  • In this generation mainly batch processing operating system were used. In this generation Punched cards,
    Paper tape, Magnetic tape Input & Output device were used.
  • There were Machine code and electric wired board languages used.

The main features of First Generation are:

  • Vacuum tube technology
  • Unreliable
  • Supported Machine language only
  • Very costly
  • Generate lot of heat
  • Slow Input/Output device
  • Huge size .
  • Need of A.C.
  • Non portable
  • Consumed lot of electricity
  • Some computer of this generation were: ENIAC , EDVAC ,UNIVAC, IBM-701, IBM-650

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