Secretariat Assistant Previous Year Questions and answers Part -1

1.The largest natural number which exactly divides the product of any four consecutive natural numbers is

(A) 120

(B) 24

(C) 12

(D) 6

Ans: (B) 24


2. If 520 mangoes can be bought for ` 600, how many can be bought for ` 1500 ?

(A) 1040

(B) 1200

(C) 1300

(D) 1560

Ans: (C) 1300


3. In an examination 86% of the candidates passed and 224 failed. How many candidates appeared for the exam ?

(A) 800

(B) 1540

(C) 1600

(D) 3136

Ans: (C) 1600


4.Identify the element which shows variable valency. ?

(A) Helium

(B) Magnesium

(C) Sodium

(D) Iron

Ans: (D) Iron


5. The speed of chemical reaction between gases increases with increase in pressure due to an increase in

(A) Number of molecules

(B) Volume

(C) Concentration

(D) Distance between molecules

Ans: (C) Concentration


6.The scientific principle behind the working of a transformer is

(A) Mutual induction

(B) Transmission

(C) Rectification

(D) Amplification

Ans: (A) Mutual induction


7. Nucleus is discovered by

(A) Robert Brown

(B) Golgi

(C) Bowman

(D) Fountain

Ans:(A) Robert Brown


8.Acid rain is due to

(A) O3 and dust

(B) SO2 and NO2

(C) SO3 and CO

(D) CO2 and CO

Ans: (B) SO2 and NO2


9. Green house effect is mainly due to

(A) CH4

(B) SO2


(D) CO2

Ans: (D) CO2


10. Which of the following is a water soluble Vitamin ?

(A) Calciferol

(B) Tocoferol

(C) Ascorbic acid

(D) Phyloquinone

Ans:(C) Ascorbic acid


11. Which Article of the Indian Constitution empowers the President of India to declare financial emergency ?

(A) Article 358

(B) Article 359

(C) Article 360

(D) Article 363

Ans:(C) Article 360

12. ‘The Grand Design’ is a work of

(A)Stephen Hawking

(B) John Gribbin

(C)Marika Taylor

(D) Dennis W. Sciama

Ans:(A)Stephen Hawking


13. The Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee is being appointed by

(A) The President

(B) The Vice President

(C) Prime Minister

(D) The Speaker of the Lok Sabha

Ans:(D) The Speaker of the Lok Sabha

14. Choolannur Bird Sanctuary is located at

(A) Palakkad

(B) Idukki

(C) Thrissur

(D) Pathanamthitta

Ans:(A) Palakkad


15. Which of the following Article of the Indian Constitution guarantees complete equality of men and women ?

(A) Article 25

(B) Article 21

(C)Article 18

(D) Article 15

Ans:(D) Article 15

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