Secretariat Assistant Previous Year Questions and Answers Part- 4



46.Identify the subject in the sentence :
The first three chapters of the book are written in a beautiful style.

(A) The first

(B) The first three

(C) The first three chapters

(D) The first three chapters of the book

Ans:(D) The first three chapters of the book


47. Choose the correctly spelled word.

(A) Adress


(C) Altogether

(D) Anounce

Ans: (C) Altogether


48.Identify the correct form of the word :
I _____ down every afternoon after lunch.

(A) lie

(B) lay

(C) lied

(D) am lying

Ans:(A) lie


49.Give one word substitute for :
Write words or letters in the letters of a different alphabet.

(A) Transitory

(B) Transliterate

(C) Translate

(D) Transcommunicate

Ans:(B) Transliterate


50. Give the correct verb form :
He asked if anyone _____ his glasses.

(A) had seen

(B) have seen

(C) seen

(D) saw

Ans:(A) had seen


51. Give the correct form of verb :
Many a cup and saucer ______ been broken.

(A) have

(B) has

(C) is

(D) are

Ans:(B) has


52. Identify the meaning of italicized word :
The brothers fell out over their father’s property.

(A) Fell down

(B) Sold

(C) Continue

(D) Quarrelled

Ans:(D) Quarrelled


53.Give the antonym of the italicized word :
His behaviour disgusted everyone.

(A) Gusted

(B) Pleased

(C) Irritated

(D) Surprised

Ans:(B) Pleased


54.Choose the correct option.
I should be grateful if you _______ send me an application form.

(A) will


(C) may




55. Choose the preposition :
The rule is applicable _____ everyone.

(A) of

(B) with

(C) to

(D) about

Ans:(C) to


56. In computer Logical operations are performed by 

(A) Control Unit


(C) Primary Memory


Ans:(B) ALU


57. _____ is a volatile memory ?



(C) Both (A) & (B)

(D) None of these

Ans:(C) Both (A) & (B)


58. Which protocol is used in WWW ?


(B) IP



Ans:(D) HTTP

59. Expand GUI.

(A) Graphical User Instance

(B) Graphical User Intermediate

(C) Graphical User Interface

(D) Graphical Used Instance

Ans:(C) Graphical User Interface


60. IC chips are used in which generation of computer ?

(A) Second Generation

(B) Third Generation

(C)Fourth Generation

(D) Both (A) & (B)

Ans:(B) Third Generation

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