Kerala PSC Degree Level General Knowledge Questions and Answers Part -3


41. The second Ezhava memorial in 1900 was submitted to ?

Ans: Lord Curzon 


42. First collective protest against the British rule in Kerala?

Ans: Attingal Revolt 


43. First Chief Minister of Kerala ?

Ans: E.M.S


44. Mullaperiyar Dam was inaugurated during the reign of ?

Ans: Sree Moolam Thirunal


45.  The social reformer who is known as Vaikom Hero ?

Ans: E.V.Ramaswamy Naikar   


46. Birth of Shankaracharya in the year ?

Ans: AD 788 


47. Synod of Diamper held in the year ?

Ans: A.D 1599


48. Old name of Karthikappally ?

Ans: Bettimeni 


49.  First Kerala King appeared on stamps ?

Ans: Swathi Thirunal 


50. MarthandaVarma passed away ?

Ans: 1758 


51. The ruler of Venad during the Revolt of Attingal ?

Ans: AdityaVarma 


52.  Shortest served Governor of Kerala ?



53. Arrival of Malik dinar in Kerala in the year ?

Ans: AD 644 


54. The KPCC President during the Vimochana Samaram ?

Ans: R.Sankar


55. Who was known as Abhinava Bhojan ?

Ans:Krishna Devarayar 


56.  First census in Travancore was conducted by ?

Ans: Swathi Thirunal


57. Who built Chaliyam Fort at Vettathu Nadu ?

Ans: Portuguese


58. The Museum & Zoo , astronomical Observatory , Kuthiramalika were started by ?

Ans: Swathi Thirunal 


59. Volunteer Captain of Guruvayoor Satyagraha ?

Ans: A.K.Gopalan 


60. Gandhiji visited Sethu Lakshmi Bai in the year ?

Ans: 1925


61. The immediate cause of the second revolt was the move by British to take possession of ?

Ans: Wayanad


62.Ashoka of Kerala ?

Ans:Vikramaditya Varagunan 


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